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Hämeenlinna, Finland - 3rd June 2012

By: emmakko

Hi mum!
Today has been a cloudy day here in Hämeenlinna. We had nothing special to do so Emma just took me and Gwënelle to the car and decided to show us interesting places in this town. First we went to a place called Varikonniemi. It is an area with a long history: it was inhabited already in the iron ages and in the 19th century there was a sawmill. These days Varikonniemi is a park with exciting old ruins!
This is a perfect place for monkeys who like to climb! It's sad that there are no monkeys in Finland.
The forest was full of these ruins. They must be old because the trees look old, too.
I found this nice tree and wanted to climb on it!
But then I saw this tree that was even bigger and wanted to climb on that one, too.
Old stairs.
Did I already say that it's sad that there are no monkeys in Finland? They would love this place. Look at this tree! It's so huge that none of us has seen a tree like that before! Unfortunately it wasn't a banana tree  B)
Suddenly it started raining. We found a good dry place but poor Emma didn't so she got soaking wet.
Actually, she found an old house but there was no roof on it so she got wet anyway. This is one of the windows of that house. A nice view!
This is the old castle of Hämeenlinna. Gwënelle has already been there and told me that it's really worth visiting. I hope Emma will take me to the castle some day - but not today, look at the sky!!
With love  :)

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