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Bridges of Nuremberg, Germany - 11th September 2012

By: Knuddelhexe

Hi Family. Today its my last time with my new friend Jasper from Switzerland. We visited some interesting Bridges in Nuremberg. We started at the "Henkersteg". Near that is the House where in medievil times the hangman lived. After that we walked a way along the River Pegnitz. Behind us you see the Maxbrücke. A few minutes later we paused in a cute little hole in the wall at the Fleischbrücke. Its called Fleischbrücke because in middleage there was a slaughterhouse. At the next picture xou can see me at a nice fountain. I am a little bit sad because Jasper is going to America now but my guestmom told me that a new TV will arriving soon. At the end of our journey we met a big rabbit. can you see me on this picture?

Hope all is well at home. Love and hugs from yours Brook.


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