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Amarillo (Texas), USA - 29th November 2007

By: Silverwings

This morning, I woke Roo and Iggy-Korn up really, really early.

So Roo and Iggy-Korn got to ride in the car with the whole family and see the sun rise through the rear window.


We had breakfast in Plainview. They enjoied it very much, but we didn't stop for long because we hadn't arrived at our destination yet.


We drove and we drove and we drove until we arrived in Amarillo. Then Roo and Iggy-Korn finally found out the suprise: We were going to the Farm Show!

What is a farm show, you ask? Basicly, it's where a whole bunch of farmers get together and look at all of the new equipment and such that's avalible to them. (Or a comunity center full of giant machienes and farmers.)

They got to see a pair of tractors that are made to spray chemicals onto the feild.

This is the newer version:



And this is the old, old one:



Everyone we met was happy to let us take pictures!

Later on, Roo and Iggy-Korn got to learn about the "Ogallala Aquifer", where most of the water in west Texas comes from. There was a big display showing what it looks like:


It was very interesting for them to learn that the playa lake they explored a while back is actually a collection station for the aquifer.


Unfortunatly, we didn't get to take any more pictures at the farm show, but it was really a lot of fun!

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