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Dougherty, Texas, USA - 21st November 2007

By: Silverwings

When Roo and Iggy-Korn looked inside the room, they found that it was decorated to look like it belonged in Aincent Egypt.

There were columns painted on the walls, along with a giant mural of a cat!


The rug had heiroglyphics and pictures on it. (this one is of an aincent boat)


Roo really liked this picture of an Egyptian woman.


Then Roo and Iggy-Korn climbed up on a big piece of furniture to see what was up there.


They found a small statue of a bird and a papyrus painting. (I'd like to add that the bird's name is Horus, and that the picture is from the aincent Egyptian "book of the dead".)


There were other statues there too. Roo posed for a picture with this one of a pharaoh. (An aincent egyptian king)


When they came down, Roo and Iggy-Korn had a bit of a scare. Remember the cat mural? Well, it turns out that that wasn't the only cat in the room.

I came in just in time to "rescue" them from the cat. He is, in fact, a good friend of mine and very friendly. His name is Leo, or "The Grand Ceaser Leo the Magnificent" if you want to be more formal.


(It seems that they had been exploring my bedroom! It's decorated with an Aincent Egyptian theme, as I'm planning to be an archaeologist.)

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