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Dougherty, Texas, USA - 17th November 2007

By: Silverwings

Roo is going to be leaving soon, so she has asked me to post a few pictures.

The lake next to the house is full, so Roo and her good friend Iggy-Korn went on a walk to see the cranes that are migrating through.


While they were walking down the dirt road, Roo spotted some tracks.


After discovering that they were the tracks of a sandhill crane, they continued walking down the road. (There were cranes in the lake, but the sight of us coming down the road scared them and they all flew to the other side of the lake where we couldn't get any pictures.  :()

When the cranes flew away, one of them dropped something.


It was a huge feather! The two of them decided that if a feather from a crane was bigger than both of them, they didn't really want to meet one in person.

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