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Rouen, France - 2nd August 2009

By: smaug


I am in Europe, wow  :D! This is the first picture Iíve taken here in Rouen. This tower is right out of the house....Iím not sure whatís the history behind it, but it doesnít really look in good shape  :stare:.


Today I was introduced to the local toys. Sigfrido warned me that coming out of the baggage I might have been greeted by a few  curious faces.....wow, just a few  :o, I kind of feel shy all of a sudden  :rolleyes:.


Well, getting to know them better will have to wait a bit, Iíve been told that tomorrow I am on the move again: not sure where Iím going but I have to jump in the travel bag....the life of a TV can be hard  ;).


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