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Ishikawa, Japan - 5th May 2007

By: yumi

We have a national holiday named Children's day today (May 5th)

We used to celebrate boys' growth but at present we celebrate children's growth in general.

Families with boys set out dolls for the Children's day which patterned after warriors and heros(samurai) and fly carp streamers.

1)Carp streamer
  The carps means one family-The black one (the biggest) is father, the red one is mother, and the rest are children.

2)I'm wearing a helmet for samurai-Kabuto in Japanese that Yumi made with origami (a piece of sequare paper)

3)Me and my toyvoyager friend Eddy Bear who came from England

4)Me, Eddy Bear and Tokio who is Yumi's new toyvoyager.

コピー ~ IMGP3114.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP3300.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP3304.jpg
コピー ~ IMGP3305.jpg

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