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Amsterdam, Holland - 17th June 2009

By: DeliciousJu

Hi Mum,

Wowwee - my last weekend with Julie was great!! I have rested up for a few days now, were so sleepy after all the walking around & partying in Amsterdam, here is what i have been up too .....

On Thursday before we went to Amsterdam Natt Noy arrived back with his new friend Gulliver - Natt had been away to the Tatty Teddy Factory, we sat up & listened to their stories of their adventure to Chichester .... sounds like that had a great time!

Then we all helped Julie pack her bags ready for Amsterdam - had to make sure all the important bits were packed - i was in charge of checking her passport - don't want to forget that!! Julie showed us where we were going on the map - she had set out a few places for us to visit ..... we were all so excited!!! We even helped Julie decide on her outfit for the the party we are going too on Saturday - Defqon 1, she showed us a video of the party on her laptop - wow!!!

Friday we headed off to Bristol International Airport to get out flight - it is only an hour long & was really nice to be in the people area & have out own seat too - seatbelts on, checked the safety leaflet too - always best to be prepared!!

When we arrived he went straight to the hotel, dropped off our bags & went for a long walk around Amsterdam - 1st stop was the De Gooyer windmill, also known as the Funenmolen is now a charming brewery and popular gathering place. The Netherlands is famous for its windmills - Amsterdam only has six that have survived the times, of which the De Gooyer mill is the closest near the historic center. It towers over the Nieuwevaart Canal, Molen De Gooyer was built in 1725

We also found a massive clog outside a gift shop - we saw it & had to have a picture taken right away with it. We walked around all the canals & headed over to the Anne Frank House too, it was getting dark by then so didn't manage to get any pictures of that, but it was very interesting reading up all about it!

Off to bed we went, had early start the next day ..... it was the day of the party Defqon 1 - Julie packed us her in backpack & off we went on the train at about 11am, it was very busy - we guessed there must of been about 150,000 people at least, 8 different rooms, lots of bars, food stalls & music everywhere - it was mad, was such a beautiful day too - the sun shined all day for us!!! We had such good fun, Julie bought us 'go fast' energy drink to keep us going through the day, he he:)

We didn't get back to the hotel till gone midnight according to Julie, none of us toys knew though as we fell asleep in Julie's backpack on the train, and we didn't wake up till the next day for breakfast!

Our final day in Amsterdam and another walk around Amsterdam to see what sights we can find .... Julie took us for a coffee first to wake us up! We walked through the Red Light District & was the ladies in the windows 'working' - was very odd to see but glad we went through it as it is such a huge part of the lifestyle in Amsterdam! We also went to the Hemp Museum, Vodka Museum & Sex Museum! And not forgetting the 'coffee shops' where they sell & smoke marijuana ..... so much to see over here that i don't think i could see anywhere else - what a great day out!!

After all that we went to get out bags at the hotel & were on our way back to Shiphol Airport for out flight home:)

Going to have a quiet few days chilling at Julie's now till Saturday when she can get to the Post Office & sends me off to my next destination - Spain with -Marķa- - i am very excited, Julie has been telling me about the times she has been to Spain & it sounds great, looking forward to it so much, although will miss Julie & her toys!

Lots of Love, Claire:) xxx

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