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Bristol, England - 28th May 2009

By: DeliciousJu

Hi Mum!

Well we ended up going to the cinema last night to watch Night At The Museum 2 - it was very funny! We even stopped off for a McDonalds on the way there ..... could just about manage a few fries, was more happy playing with a toy we found in the box - he was Rex - a charactor from the film, i wasn't scared of him though! Julie bough me a big bag of sweets to eat when were watching the film too, yummy!!!

When when we got back we noticed a pracel by the door - guess who it was? Natt Noy, a new TV that has come to stay with us!

It was getting late so we all quickly went off to bed as we were getting up early & going with Julie to work as she wanted everyone to meet Natt Noy!

We went on the bus again, and even stopped off in the supermarket - there we soooooooo many nuts, i could barely contain myself!!

Pictures to follow soon .....

Lots of Love, Claire:) xxx

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