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Bristol, England - 12th May 2009

By: DeliciousJu


Well me & 'Rattie' have arrived to Bristol, England! We got greeted by Julie & her other TV's - Mr Bananas, Baubles & Pisoni who is staying with Julie from Spain.

Today we went with Julie to where she works & where Mr Bananas used to work before he became a TV! We got to experience the bus journey & then sat with Julie while she worked away! Luckily managed to get out on her lunch break though & hung out in the tree's:) 

This weekend we are off on adventure around Bristol - lot's of places for us to visit around here with beautiful scenery, lots of tree's & countryside - cant wait to send over some more pictures for you:)

Then next weekend Julie is taking us to see Girls Aloud in concert in the city of Birmingham, then we are going to the theme park Alton Towers too - all very exciting!! Her friend who we are staying with has a dog, 2 cats, horse & hamster .... lots of animals for us to meet, we cant wait:)

Here are some pictures of our journey so far ....

Lots of Love

Claire & Rattie xxxx

Claire & Rattie.JPG
New arrivals.JPG
Bus stop.JPG
In Work 2.JPG
Hanging Out.JPG

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