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Hamburg, Germany - 14th March 2012

By: ScillyHH

Hi dad,

today we had to say good bye to my dear friend Dicker Kumpel. Time to have a good bye party B)

Dicker Kumpel and I organized some paper streams for the party.

Dicker Kumpel and Clairchen searched for some drinks. They chose white port for the gentlemen and chocolate liqueur for the ladies. The bottles were very heavy. So all TV's had to help to transport the bottles.

Everything was ready then. We had glasses, drinks, sweets and some paper streamers.

Let's have party! See us having a lot of fun.


We were a little bit drunk.  :cyclops:

But then it was time to say good bye to Dicker Kumpel.

I gave Dicker Kumpel a "high five" good bye. We both are very cool boys! B)

All the very best
Erol the Pirate

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