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Christmas Tree shopping, Pforzheim, Germany - 17th December 2011

By: agentsmith

Hey Dad!
a few days ago, my host family went to Pforzheim to get a christmas tree together with Sooky, but unfortunately they didn't find a nice one.. so I decided to manage this problem  B)

we went to the "christbaumland"


I took a closer look to some of the trees..


with my help, it of course only took us a few minutes to find the right tree  ;)


puuhh.. work is done


in our christmas mood, we decided to have some hot Glühwein! LittleLuzi borrowed me his christmas hat, but it doesn't fit me so well, because it is specially made for him  ;)




and Dad, at least I'd like to introduce my new friends!
upper row (v.l.n.r) Erol the Pirat, the little ghost Helena, LittleLuzi, the vampire bat Fritz, the angel Lucy, the vampire Frederick, another strange guy called Franz-Ferdinand (looks scary but isn't  ;))
lower row (v.l.n.r) king of the jungle Luigi, monkey lady Lilli, the penguin Lukas from the south pole, Sooky, from jamaica: rasta Ziggy, king Lui (boss)


that's it for today!

your Erol

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