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Oberhausen, Germany - 18th March 2012

By: Shilo

Hello Mum!

Today we went to Oberhausen. Here we visit the Gasometer, with the exhibition “Magic Places – Natural and Cultural Monuments”



In this exhibition the UNESCO has counted more than 900 World Heritage Sites which are masterpieces of human architecture and huge monuments of nature.
For the first time in an exhibition, “Magic Places” is showing the wonders of nature and culture together.
This sounds so great, that we wanted to see it with our own eyes.


This relief of a Babylonian Apkallu shows a person with the head of a bird. Such hybrid creatures can be found in the mythology of many cultures. They unite the powers of human beings and animals.


This Photo shows the “double-headed serpent” that represents the heavenly deity Xiuhcoatl, an Aztec god. It was made out of wood and covered in a mosaic of turquoise and seashells. Isn’t this snake beautiful?


This is a picture from the Khajuraho temple group in the north of India, which was created in the 10th and 11th centuries. Of the original 85 temples dedicated to the gods of Hinduism, 25 still exist. All the temples are richly adorned with sculptures telling of the lives of gods and human beings. The Khajuraho Group of Monuments has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1966.


Here we could see a picture from the minaret of the Great Mosque Quwwat UI-Islam in Delhi. It has a enormous height of 73 meters.
Qutub Minar with its mosques and tombs in Delhi has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.


Oh what an impressive picture. It shows a magnificent tomb called Angkor Wat dedicated to the god Vishnu.  In the 14th century the empire of Khmers broke apart and Angkor Wat slipped into obscurity and the jungle spread over the temple. Angkor in Cambodia has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992.


Wow, have you ever seen something like this before? This is a Lightning tube. A bolt of lightning had hit the ground and trough the extreme heat the sand were melted. Due to fast cooling down the molten quartz forms natural glass.


Here I want to show you some of the wonderful jewelry we saw.



This is a tree slice from a redwood tree. It was a present from the First Lady Barbara Bush given to the city Bonn. The slice is 750 years old; 2,5 meters high and 2,7 meters wide. Its weight is 7 tones.
20 little metal panels are mounted to the matching annual rings to remind of important events out of the history of Bonn.


At the end of the exhibition we saw the gigantic "Rainforest Tree". This 40 meters high sculpture is a symbol of the beauty, fertility and vulnerability of the eternal cycle of nature. It was really impressive.



Hugs and kisses
Your Viper

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