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A HUGE, SURPRISE ! - 30th January 2015

By: Eohippus

Hello, friends!  :D

This is a day of great joy and wonder!
Iīm going to tell you everything about it!  ;)

I had been waiting some surprise gift coming from my sis Crawfish
already for over a week!  :thinking:

She had been very secretive about it, giving all sorts of
hints and instructions to Sanny to tell Henna to tell me.
So I had grown VERY excited and PRETTY impatient!  ;)

Today the package arrived at last!  :cyclops:
And it was so cute and beautiful! Just so typical for my sis Crawfish, that I was hugging the package in exicitement!

But then I wanted to get it open!  Fast!  :thinking:

.. Henna anyway took the drill away from me!

She gave me a pair of scissors instead..
and told me to use them carefully!  :rolleyes:

I got the package opened, and the first item I saw was a long list of instructions written by Crawfish.  :rolleyes:
Henna told me to read it through and to follow it or either..

The instructions told me 1. to open and inspect everything in the package EXCEPT a box.  :D

Here is the box I DIDNīT open.  ;)

Instead I investigated everything else in the package.
I found these very cute little items!
I wasnīt quite sure what they were for, But Henna told me she thought they were bathing soaps. Hmm.. !  :)


Then I found this cute little blue thing.
I thought it was a bag, but Mr casanova, who knows very well all this girl- stuff informed me it was a bathing cap!  :D

"Uhum, I thought, very nice from dear Crawfish, but why this sudden interest into my personal hygiene?"  :thinking:

The next item I found from the package was this pink pouche of "Foam Bath of Princesses" !  :D

I asked Henna and the others if they have been spreading some worrying information about my personal cleanliness (or the lack of it) in internet, but they all said no.
Although Mr Shaun was then marching round the house a peg on his nose..  :rolleyes:
And the others were laughing a BIT too much!


Next came out a VERY bulky and heavy item!
I had no idea of what it might be! :thinking:

It was a bathtub!

You can have no idea about the amount of laughing that caused amongst the others!  :rolleyes:

Well, it made me giggle too!
I thought my sister had maybe lost some of her marbles..  :rolleyes:

Now everything but the top secret box was open, and I continued reading Crawfish's instructions.
"All right!"  :thinking: I thought. "She can't have all the moomins in the valley!"  :thinking:
Her instructions told me to take a bath in MILK!  :o

..On the other hand.. I know my sis Crawfish!
She has always been a very smart girl, and she seemed to think this very important - there were three exclamation marks in the instructions!  :thinking:

"Well, all right then! If Crawfish tells me to bath in milk, she must have a reason for it!  :p
Milk bath it is then!
(The others seemed to approve of the idea of me taking a bath - canīt understand why!  :rolleyes:

I stripped of my clothing (The others started to cheer).  :rolleyes:

I filled the bathtub with milk and dropped the "foam bath for princesses" after it!  :D
The result was a pinkish, nice smelling liquid, like strawberry milk!

And then I plunged in!  B)

Ooh, my crazy sister! What ideas she comes up with!  :rolleyes:
But, what wouldnīt I be ready to do for her?!!  :D

After the long bath (after which eveybody was telling me I smelled very nice!) I was eager to open the very secret box!

The instructions told me to be careful while doing it!

Carefull? Why?
Has my sis send me some of Sanny's cactuses or a poisonous spider or what?  :thinking:

First there was plastic, and then there was a soft bundle!
I pulled it carefully out! I thought I heard a sound while doing it!  :thinking:

So, I started to roll it open very carefully indeed!  :thinking:


There was something pinky protruding out from the bundle, which reminded me of something.. but what?  :thinking:

I opened faster now!

I found a pinky antenna, which was oddly familiar!

My heart started to beat faster!  :thinking:

Then there was this apparition of my sister Crawfish standing in front of me!
I heard her voice shouting "Surprise!"  :o

And then I fainted.


I came soon back to my senses, anyway, by someone kissing and hugging me, and when I opened my eyes - sure, it WAS my sis Crawfish herself!!  :o  :D  :cyclops:

And then we were hugging more, and Crawfish asked me if I was suprised.  :rolleyes: Sure I was![
And then she too told me I smelled nicely and then she was laughing!  :rolleyes:

And after that we have been laughing a lot together, and sat hand in hand, exchanging lots of sisterly secrets!

Oo, Iīm so overjoyed to have my crazy sister here visiting me!  :D  :D
We will spend some great times together!


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