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London, England - 7th July 2006

By: Fenris

Err Hello?

That was a very bumpy journey I've just been on. I woke up this morning still in my travel box and all I could hear was someone whilstling.

Then there was a 'bing bong' and I heard muffled voices. Someone picked up by box, carried it for a bit and then it felt like they threw me onto somethnig soft.

I banged my head I think and fell asleep  :o

I don't know how long I was out but sometime later I heard something sniffing at my box!

There were a few growls and then my box was opened!


I jumped out to surprise what opened my box and I think I scared him away.

After a few minutes I managed to convince him to come out frm under the pillow. He's a tiger! His name is Hobbes and he's the first friend I've made here.

He told me about his owner... Someone (or something) called 'Fen'. Apparently he's a lot bigger than us, but Hobbes seems to think that he's okay. So I guess I'll see for myself when 'Fen' gets home.

Here's a photo of me and my new best friend Hobbes.

Bye for now,



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