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Mikkeli, Finland - 20th March 2007

By: BlueFairy

I arrived to the address I was told to find my host from, and was a little suprised that he was a penguin, but I was rased to be broad minded, so I didnt let it bother me.
After a short talk, I realised though that he was a fellow toyvoyager no one hadn't told me.
No one answered the door, so me and my new buddy Ramon sneaked to BlueFairys room and found a little fish (or a Tri...ops?) swimming in a bowl on the table and admired it a while and found a paper from the table what said we are going to have some friends joining us shortly.
We got boored pretty fast and found a cellphone and desided to call BlueFairy, and it turned out, that she had to work till 9pm twice a week (includin today) and we could make our selves like home at the meantime, so we got to it.
We ate some fine foreign chocholad took a bath and went to a sauna.
After that we brushed each others teeth and went to bed waiting BlueFairy to arrive.
Here is some pictures from our arriving:
(Neither me or Ramon are so good with computer so we couldnt get the pictures in the right arrange :rolleyes: )


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