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Kota Bharu, Malaysia - 29th November 2006

By: imajica

Then we went to the Padang Merdeka (Merdeka Square) nearby and itís a fenced field where the Merdeka Day (Independence Day) held every year for the state level.


Just in front of the Merdeka Square, there are the State Mosque, Islam Heritage Museum and World War II Memorial Museum sitting side by side. The State Mosque was constructed during the reign of Sultan Muhammad IV and completed after almost a decade of work. Among people here, it's known as Masjid Muhammadi (Muhammadi Mosque).



And this is the Islamic Heritage Museum whose building was built in early of 1900ís. At the back is the minaret of the State Mosque.


The World War II Memorial Museum as you can see it. Inside they have pictures and remainings from the World War period i.e. when the state was under British colonization and Japanese troops.


..and several ancient transportations are displayed outside the museum. I donít know what this one is called but sitting in there was just comfortable!


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