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Kota Bharu, Malaysia - 26th November 2006

By: imajica

I was introduced to imajica's friends, Pucca and Garu. They're from Korea. Though they're only about half of my size, we get along well. imajica has also got a huge fish pillow whom she's been sleeping with ever since she's 5 years old! But the fish has lost her eyes now and looks so old that she becomes shy to be photographed with us. And let me tell you another secret - imajica's room is totally a disaster! If you can understand why she doesn't show much of it :P


Imajica has been busy today with the computer and cooking and tidying her room she doesn't let me out yet. So I spent time playing with my new friends as well as keeping myself busy inside a drawer full postcards that imajica has received from Postcrossing. I just cannot count how many - she's totally crazy! 


Okay, imajica showed me a map of Malaysia so that I'd get some idea of my own whereabouts. The state of Kelantan is one in yellow color, and if you can see that tiny red dot on the top corner, it's where Kota Bharu town is located. I am here right now, yay! See - we are even very close to the sea and imajica has promised to bring me to the beach one of these days.


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