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Members who have birthdays in the next thirty days

Birthday Member
26th May Silverwings
26th May Judy
26th May ccgirl48
26th May Kehlen (39)
26th May KrissyT
26th May MariLynn
26th May Monkeyfan
26th May Penny
26th May Tina&Kai
26th May Katzi
26th May tomcatanja
26th May zauberaeffle
26th May Max2012
26th May alifay
26th May Kimbolino (31)
26th May Exozaut
27th May dandilion (39)
27th May 2entropy
27th May littlefamilly
27th May Talia
27th May afel
27th May Sanni (34)
27th May pandera 12345
27th May LarissaZoe
27th May kruemel
27th May Caragrande
27th May FelixBear
27th May SuperSabrina
27th May Duty8
27th May Lila lu
27th May Vaneu
27th May courdneylaura (26)
27th May EpifaniaPi
27th May weronka12
27th May gruss
27th May Seemops
27th May ogdenroofing
28th May kjnohr
28th May june23
28th May Rudy
28th May NoBoDDy
28th May Narob
28th May Mr. Grass (25)
28th May Thaifun
28th May BärliBär
28th May Fred
28th May Sandibine
28th May milene
28th May Anastasia
28th May Thomas
29th May Peridot-Fayth
29th May Penvmbra (37)
29th May Jessica77 (43)
29th May innocencelost
29th May HommerUT
29th May Mistaken
29th May Lonesomewanderer
29th May Darlene
29th May bass1791
29th May Lisianne
29th May moerxl
29th May PinkSheep
29th May susankemp
29th May kathyd
29th May Sarah Lynn
30th May mypostcrossing
30th May Dorenda
30th May andavis86
30th May Ilaarijs
30th May neetje
30th May stepyuk
30th May qball
30th May vayeta
30th May Litka
30th May Gänseblümchen
30th May neetjes
30th May Herbert
30th May Luinil
30th May Crine
30th May Poki
30th May Hippo Nino
30th May Trüffel3005
30th May Hringuer
30th May Turtle
30th May Walt
31st May Isobel
31st May simply_chitra
31st May Paadsi
31st May klsje
31st May hannibal
31st May mailianne
31st May diemuzicat
31st May Swiss_Rhapsody
31st May kappy3184
31st May Kuddel09
31st May MrPink
31st May PinkPink
1st June Happy Travels
1st June MintTe
1st June Lucy Jiang S
1st June voto (33)
1st June mainyuk
1st June cee282
1st June Margo Osipchuk
1st June FrRossi
1st June Fara & Fu
1st June Katharina722
1st June Lastivka
1st June Bozo
1st June dalimira
1st June Funny
1st June hopefulness
2nd June badassemz
2nd June Juytters
2nd June TmDresden
2nd June juytters2
2nd June evilkelsits
2nd June Freeglider95
2nd June Missundaztood
2nd June Jennifer, you know ?
2nd June snowflake
2nd June Cerafims
2nd June littel donkey
2nd June Brate_-
2nd June Sphinx99
2nd June JaB5
2nd June Ni
2nd June sonstwas7
2nd June DresdenToy
3rd June Tristan
3rd June NottaBoxkick
3rd June bruehwuerfelchen
3rd June 3ofus
3rd June helenburgis
3rd June Rena
3rd June theagnee
3rd June Kirin
3rd June reela
3rd June Marvin
3rd June Dr. Alfredo tedy
3rd June BVBTeddy
4th June drknow
4th June luvya
4th June moosie
4th June baxilvcha
4th June xishyblue
4th June doctordorkson
4th June AkiraYuri
4th June Geco
4th June Piggeldy
4th June franzi4690
4th June missclumsy
4th June Bearchen
4th June Grinseteufel
4th June Suskai
4th June LunaSaeko
4th June Chinxize
4th June svusalmeumcucqq
5th June Panda391
5th June ania_r_s
5th June Reina
5th June luoziyin
5th June divadee32
5th June patrickfoto
5th June caro-linh
5th June Katarinin medo
5th June danielsun86
5th June ChristianU.
5th June sirin
5th June erjamaarit
5th June Hoschi
5th June Betty
5th June Backie
5th June tammy56
5th June helloallen
6th June Eris
6th June aleoliva86 (34)
6th June NikkiW
6th June firefaery
6th June sweetpandora
6th June Phil_Schaudt
6th June Skanopal
6th June Brumby
6th June gitschhorn66
6th June Petitgrain
6th June erwin
6th June Lala_monster
6th June Alatarion
6th June Farodin
6th June Primzahl1877
6th June marina.f
6th June mondtagskind
6th June Sheepguarded
6th June Schafn
6th June Eva Cao
6th June Fuzo82 (59)
6th June TheCraftyLass
6th June danisjohn
7th June Shirley9067
7th June yesimlistening
7th June Babann
7th June cody112485
7th June Mischa Thomet
7th June Dianutea
7th June Kanalu
7th June dema90
7th June mm38118
7th June Swissi
7th June muesli
7th June spatz677
7th June irma_la_douce
7th June Rayancaleb
7th June KleinerWolf
8th June Bert
8th June fiona_b
8th June magickzzl (35)
8th June paddy
8th June katy
8th June pikino
8th June ovidio.silva
8th June Hello Kitty girl
8th June Tamino
8th June jodlherz
8th June sannah
8th June Mrs. Pickwick
8th June portablepatch
8th June alifawn38
8th June jakebeals
9th June Guilhem
9th June Little Fish Bowl (31)
9th June simin
9th June missbeckett
9th June Graceland Randers
9th June Entchen
9th June Bellegoesfar
9th June MissCambia
9th June Fridoline the mole
9th June Ilona
9th June TV-TV
9th June Mimilein
9th June hijodiexx
9th June Medovushka
9th June zligee
10th June Joker
10th June Rettchallenge
10th June shur
10th June deezvert
10th June Lena Mikhaleva
10th June Summer
10th June sylvia610
10th June Kell686
10th June jennychris
10th June mueri
10th June sweety1006
10th June Captain One-Eye
10th June Sani (27)
10th June Goldfish
10th June wiebkay
10th June zitroenchen
10th June MegaMadness
10th June asifshams
10th June Euli
10th June roofingsioux
10th June tacomahouse
11th June voicemkw
11th June A Scottish Lass
11th June gerbilfan
11th June Hennes
11th June like_worldtour
11th June stercel
11th June Beari
11th June Jenny8022
11th June Adam Fitch
11th June kowa
11th June SasaDango7
12th June Swit
12th June scole
12th June toxicdisaster
12th June clgeorge
12th June miorica
12th June juney
12th June GauGau
12th June Shikari
12th June Bruce
12th June Rhian
12th June rosiecrucian
12th June Leonie
12th June stess29 (33)
12th June GwenHarper
12th June visit BERLIN
12th June Dreggie
12th June Glatzi
13th June tmoske13
13th June Marina_meow
13th June ipuenktchen (73)
13th June Sezin
13th June danijan (29)
13th June Nene
13th June mia.maria
13th June chicagoatheart77
13th June Anita_2004
14th June Mood
14th June Mara
14th June benaud
14th June Xumukys (31)
14th June Micha
14th June schwaibe
14th June Blank
14th June Lenali
14th June Hanno
14th June Silvio Georgi
14th June christmasteddy
14th June mario
14th June AylinMarguerite
14th June Jos
14th June Shughey14
14th June Lennox
14th June LorenDennis
15th June Min
15th June RodneyTRat
15th June Angiepange
15th June michaelandjenny
15th June Book_Nerd
15th June Marleen
15th June mermaid
15th June shanshan
15th June Jonwymore
15th June Gizalba the second
15th June Gizalba
15th June svi-sva-svo
15th June sluggy
15th June Psychogen
15th June Gizalba2
15th June tanschn
15th June lole534
15th June Michealpbs
16th June Miss_Nadine
16th June Lucyjiang33
16th June jacqueline
16th June sneakysnail
16th June Desiree1962
16th June AndiBone
16th June emilleejoyce (27)
16th June Aisbaby
16th June SchnuckySchnuffy
16th June KaddaMo
16th June lotti65
16th June aleyna
16th June Miss Chaplin
16th June Timmy Angel
16th June Sonrisa
16th June Lennemann
16th June PeDa
16th June fionuir (27)
16th June Carolien32
16th June Christin
16th June Carolien35
16th June Carolien1981
17th June areir
17th June kiraset
17th June kookookachoo
17th June Circe
17th June Vernella
17th June Timy
17th June vala80 (40)
17th June halbgott89
17th June machwatduwillst
17th June CuddlyVoyager
17th June TheresaMi
18th June SparkleBug
18th June wourpet
18th June tammy_tami
18th June Theresa
18th June pazl-96
18th June Bluhmer
18th June Fanny
18th June Denny
18th June Jellyfish
18th June hhbytt
18th June romka
18th June La_Kate_Boheme
18th June denny-dannsen
18th June Dolivia
18th June Wokie
18th June lovemingzhu
18th June riccardo
18th June Svensv
19th June Jiles
19th June Kynsee
19th June swusalmemmpuzjz
19th June meghan6198
19th June De Cranenbroekies
19th June Toad
19th June Nausicaa
19th June Pummeluff
19th June FamilyFrey
19th June nomasamomo
19th June msangeliic
19th June soul2soul75 (45)
20th June imajica
20th June Marjolein
20th June dhusky
20th June Pueppe
20th June DragonflyXO (30)
20th June Spac the Bear (16)
20th June redcabaret
20th June TrainM
20th June Ivy85
20th June CätheRakete
20th June Loveli
20th June Elfe1983
20th June JoGu
20th June Mrs.Lola
20th June Spree
20th June Gilly
20th June shallyas
20th June Karo
20th June Gießbear
20th June Giesberdo
20th June nopivass
20th June Captain Cruise
20th June pelletmilljc
20th June pelletmilljc
20th June dmagri
20th June ManUboy
21st June Jessicamarques
21st June fallenangell77 (38)
21st June KlimBimKim
21st June rila (31)
21st June JuneHuge
21st June cristina_gf
21st June SOSIMU
21st June Schaf17
21st June Der kleine Nils
21st June KundA
21st June Bernie
21st June Lobster
22nd June goldmoon
22nd June Grace Luk
22nd June janetdumpty
22nd June MeowMama
22nd June danwell
22nd June G'rabbit
22nd June L I M E T R E E
22nd June Ben
22nd June Finstii
22nd June Anni-Benny2.0
22nd June Fanie31
22nd June East87
22nd June HSV Maskottchen (50)
22nd June Josiejump22
22nd June KathyBloop
22nd June GrouponTravelTeddyCH
22nd June changing
23rd June jimmy652
23rd June Curt
23rd June Gretukas
23rd June AbbeyV
23rd June Scribble
23rd June Maissien
23rd June LucyMay
23rd June BunnyGirl
23rd June Kate*
23rd June Ruggels
23rd June Aminone
24th June TS
24th June GArnold
24th June hanniej13
24th June davidaustin
24th June Svenisan
24th June chris256
24th June vinnie
25th June Pixiedustlady
25th June Gurgi
25th June k tibbles
25th June quivive (34)
25th June matcha-neko
25th June NightoCups
25th June kyramon (41)
25th June Santi
25th June R.V. Troopers
25th June anonbear
25th June mirnee (34)
25th June Flubby (35)
25th June Se7en
25th June Denese


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