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Create a ToyVoyager

Why not send your own toy travelling around the world? Turn your stuffed toy into a ToyVoyager by registering it on this website. Your ToyVoyager will get a unique ID number which people will be able to use to access its Travelog in order to write about its adventures.

There are two ways to create your own ToyVoyager:

1) Free of charge

You can create one ToyVoyager free of charge.
To get started, post a reply in this topic in the forum (you will need to register first)

We then send you a message with your ToyVoyager ID number and an Activation Code.

Activate your ToyVoyager on this site, creating a travelog, profile and life misssions.

Make a label including the ToyVoyager ID number and a message directing the finder of the toy to the website. Attach the label to your Toy.


2) By buying official ToyVoyager Travel Tags

You can support the site by buying travel tags from the shop

We send you the tags and activation instructions.

You attach a tag to your ToyVoyager, create the Travelog, Profile and Life Missions and you're ready to go!

I still have questions!

If you need to know more, please check the FAQ on the help menu You can also ask questions in the Forum. Or send a message to Admin.


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