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About Us


What is ToyVoyagers?

ToyVoyagers is a free-to-join website dedicated to travelling toys and their adventures around the globe.

We have a friendly international community. We offer ID numbers and activation codes to allow your travelling toy to become a ToyVoyager, have a Profile page on our site and to 'blog' its travels using our Travelog system, which is also linked to a mapping feature.

Anyone who comes into contact with a ToyVoyager is encouraged to update its Travelog and post photographs of its adventures on the website. We also have a busy Forum where members offer to Host other people's ToyVoyagers, and through which they send their own toys out on journeys.

When did it start?

The idea was a culmination of admiring some snaps we'd taken of our son's toys on holiday, loving the travelling gnome in the film, 'Amelie', as well as the way a tin of treasures that she finds in her flat finds its way back to its original owner. This led to some late-night musings about what would happen to a series of random objects released into the wild over a lifetime. We found some websites doing similar things, such as PhotoTag  and BookCrossing  but none were doing quite what we were looking for. We wanted the objects to become travel companions, so they could go places, do things, meet people, have adventures and develop personalities of their own. Thus, our experiment in karma - ToyVoyagers - was born.

We created the website as our tracking system, created travel tags to attach to the Toys and immediately started releasing the toys into the wild, leaving them for random people to find.

Since those early days, ToyVoyagers has kept on growing. We still release ToyVoyagers into the wild, allowing Fate - and humankind - to intervene in their travels. But, alongside this, we have become a global community: we have members from all over the world sending their toys out on adventures, learning about other places, communities and cultures, offering to 'Host' other people's ToyVoyagers, and forging friendships in the process.

Who gets involved in ToyVoyagers?

We have members from all over the world. Membership is free: all you need is access to the internet, a camera, your own (or someone else's!) ToyVoyager, a good sense of humour and a willingness to be stared at whilst randomly photographing a soft toy in front of a famous monument.


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