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What is Foster Care Home?, FAQ & other instructions
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What is Foster Care Home for Toyvoyagers?
Foster Care Home is a place for toys whose mentors have disappeared from the forum. It is a home for the toys untill the mentor (owner) contacts the home.

Who are possible "Foster Toys"?
Do you have a toyvoyager whose mentor (owner) hasn't been online for several months (at least 3) and hasn't replied to your emails and/or postcards (if you have been able to send those)? Don't want to host the toy anymore? Don't want to feel responsible for him/her? Want him/her to have a good place to stay anyway? Well, now you can send the toy to FosterCareHome!

What do I do to get a tv in Foster Care Home?
All you need to do is PM me for address (in Finland) :)

Will I get in trouble for sending a toy into Foster Care Home?
No, ofcourse not :) Everyone understands that hosting a tv with an inactive mentor (owner) is not much fun - and people may have many tv's with active mentors (owners) visiting. It's a good deed to send the tv to FosterCareHome! It shows you care, after all you don't just forget him/her on the shelf but want him/her to have a loving "Foster Home" :)

Who is this FosterCareHome anyway?

I'm a reliable "Foster Mom" who will give the tv a warm home for as long as needed. I will not send them onwards except to the owner. The toys who come to Foster Care Home are my responsibility after they arrive and I want to make sure they're not lost or stuck anywhere. I will show them around myself every now and then :)
There are plenty of toys with active mentors (owners) looking for hosts in the "Toys looking for hosts" section.

I'm also Delenna but registered this new name to make it more clear that Foster Care Home is a reality :) If you have questions about Foster Care Home please send a pm to FosterCareHome (not Delenna) or post in this section :)

What if I want to host a tv whose mentor (owner) is not online anymore?
If you have such tv at your place, you can well keep hosting him/her if you want. Those are not Foster Care Home toys and it's your responsibility to take care of them in that case.

Foster Care Home for toyvoyagers who have lost contact with their mentors/owners. A loving home for a TV as long as the toy needs.

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