THE WINNERS, Winners in the GoldenBears2009


Posted Apr 3, 2009, 9:02 pm
Well, it's been another exciting year on ToyVoyagers and the GoldenBears Awards have been hotly contested.  Many thanks for all your votes, they have now been counted and here are the winners!

BEST COSTUME: Threadbear at his wedding

Many ToyVoyagers simply love to dress to impress. This category celebrates a whole variety of sartorial efforts, whether stylish, practical or just bizarre.  You chose Threadbear as the best this year


ToyVoyagers who have been around for a long time, who have travelled far from their mentors and built up what we consider to be 'classic' travelogs.  To qualify for this category, the ToyVoyager must have been on the site for a while and all (or almost all) of the travelogs photos must show the ToyVoyager. We asked you to consider the overall quality of the travelog: the photos, the updates and the journey itself.  Your winner was Tilda!


This prize is for the Toy Voyager who has done it all: travelled to all sorts of exciting places and told us about them in an entertaining account accompanied by a fantastic range of pictures, all of which show the ToyVoyager on its travels. Your choice in this category was Greedy!


ToyVoyagers love to celebrate, and in this category you chose to celebrate with Threadbear!


There maybe no rhyme or reason to it, but there are some Toy Voyagers that simply put smiles on our faces.  And your top choice was Alizee!

BEST ACTION:  Dijon (playing cowboys and indians)

Some Toy Voyagers are presumably a bit nervous in front of the camera as they just stand there frozen. Othe
rs keep right on moving, like Dijon!

BEST WRITING: Threadbear

It s not all in the photography... This prize is for the ToyVoyager whose written travelogue entries have proved a source of entertainment and enlightenment in their own right.  Your favourite was Threadbear!

BEST COMEDY: Greedy beats Travel Ted to the fridge

There have been some very funny moments on ToyVoyagers this year - but you voted this one, featuring Greedy and Travel Ted as the funniest of all.

BEST LANDSCAPE PICTURE: Mandy Sheep, Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

ToyVoyagers have explored many corners of the earth and been photographed in front of some glorious landscapes.  You voted this one featuring Mandy Sheep as the best this year.

BEST BUILDING PICTURE: Pingu in front of the leaning tower of Pisa

ToyVoyagers have explored many corners of the earth and been photographed in front of lots of fascinating and iconic buildings.  You voted this one as your favourite


We asked you to tip next year's big winner! You voted for Mr.Lemony, so we're expecting big things from him in 2009!

BEST ENSEMBLE CAST: Threadbear's Wedding, Johannesburg, South Africa

Toyvoyagers are sociable beings, who sometimes travel together or gather in large numbers. We asked you to vote for you favourite group photo.  Winning by the biggest margin ever seen in the GoldenBears: Threadbear's wedding!